I can't help falling in love

I listen to our song. The Song we was gonna have at our wedding. I picture us dancing in the livingroom together. Smiling and so in love. Little did we know it was all gonna change all too soon. I will never forget that moment. We were truly happy and I really thought we were going to get married in the future.
And then came the day I never thought was gonna come. We met a bump in the road that was too big for us. And it split us apart. I was so devastated I thought it was a nightmare, and I was prepared to wake up any minute, but I didnt. This was my new reality. I was so crushed. I cried rivers of salt water.
I thought we was gonna get past it. I really believed we were stronger than that. But I was wrong.
I miss you every day and I think about you all the time. But if this is the New reality, I thank you for the good time we had together, and I wish you well. Maybe sometime in the future, we can at least be friends again. I can only hope.

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